New Voices

I’ve written little here recently, or, well, since March. That’s the result of a week-long trip to Japan, a parental visit, a mad dash to write a travel article for an Egyptian travel magazine, and, after all that, some general lethargy. That’s likely the result of some grey weather here in SF and my usual moodiness.

But this weekend that abated, and the sun’s shining warmly, even in the Sunset.
I’ve just finished reading an anthology of short stories, Best New American Voices 2003. It was stellar. Even now, the some of the stories stick with me. Work like that has the double impact of inspiring me and discouraging me…because the stories were so damn good.

Today I got caught up in reading about the mistakes, bad judgment and downward spiral of a New York Times reporter, Jayson Blair. The NYT published a whopping 4 pages worth of investigation/corrections on this guy. Unbelievable. I expected, after reading all of that, to feel better about the New York Times and a major journalistic slip-up, but I felt much worse. The article made it seem as though there’s a large contingent of editors there, none of whom communicate. The article left me wondering how any of what happened with Blair could possibly have happened.


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