Belmont Stakes

I’ve just gotten fuzzy-headed at the local pub, The Mucky Duck. I don’t normally spend my Saturday afternoons in bars, but I wanted to watch the Belmont Stakes, and our cable’s been out for a few days. (Which is another story altogether. Summary: Comcast sucks.)

So, we headed to the Duck, which is a dim, narrow, neighborhood sort of place. I sipped a tasty Prohibition Ale while ESPN showed the horses getting led down to the track.
The Duck’s clientele is mixed. Two young guys were sitting at the bar when we came in, one with shoulder-length dreads. An older man sat at the other end, sipping a brandy and doing his crossword puzzle. And a retired couple ran in with bags from neighboring Burger King just in time to watch the race.
I was disappointed that Funny Cide lost, as it would have been neat to have a Triple Crown winner again.

I wonder if watching the Triple Crown is an East Coast trait… one of those things I’m always being accused of by one of my co-workers. “Oh, that’s so East Coast.” It’s meant as an observation, but I always take it personally. Which is weird, since technically I haven’t lived on the East Coast for 12 years. Well, if you count Indiana as the East Coast, then I haven’t lived there for 3 and a half, but how can you count a state with no water as the East Coast?

Went to see L’Auberge Espagnole last night with co-workers. Great film, really funny. Not as existential as a lot of French films can be. (To generalize fantastically, and I guess, rather ironically, since one of the points of L’Auberge seemed to be about the preconceived notions/generalizations of European nations about one another) If the point of the movie was to say something about the E.U., it certainly wasn’t complimentary. The ending is quite contrived, but doesn’t take anything away from the likable characters and the humorous scenes. Purposeful camera angles lent a lot of humor, too. Good stuff. I recommend.


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