anthologized (good news), rejected (bad news)

I am now officially anthologized. Published, I mean. In A Book! Me.

My essay, “Pruning,” (formerly known oh-so-imaginatively as “The Garden”) has been selected to appear in an anthology of garden writing called “Gardening at a Deeper Level.” Obscure, yes. But published, yes! In a book!
I got the letter on Saturday, fully expecting rejection. In fact, I took the letter out of the mailbox and Billy asked what it was, and I said, “a rejection letter from this anthology I submitted my essay to.” That’ll teach me to watch my attitude, huh? Of course, much good-natured teasing ensued, when I actually read the letter and announced sheepishly that I had, indeed, not had my writing rejected.

I don’t get paid for my work, but I do get two free copies of the book when it comes out in November. And, of course, I get all the notoriety that comes with being published in a book of garden writing. Well, it’s a start, anyway. Now I can call myself a published author. Heh, heh. I have shamelessly been telling random people at work about it, and now everyone in the office knows, which is not like me and rather embarrassing. But exciting all the same.

And now the bad news: I was rejected by the very last school I was waiting to hear from.

I must soon make a decision. And I hate making decisions.


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