school is good, but I’m exhausted

I am so tired. I’ve just finished the end of my second week of school. It’s been a whirlwind, and I have been going, going, going since last Monday; going to classes, working, remembering how to do homework, meeting people, buying furniture, remembering where my classes are located (2 for 3 on that one), etc.

Part of the reason things have been so crazy is that I switched my class schedule around (twice!) and consequently had less time to get books and get prepared for the classes I added. And, consequently, I attended four classes last week instead of three. So, this is actually the first week of going through what will be my schedule for the rest of the semester. My school life is crammed into three days, which is one reason I am feeling so tired now, the third day.

I’m switched out of the aforementioned memoir class and into a fiction writing workshop. I did this a) because I wasn’t a fan of the teacher b) because I didn’t think the class was going to be super-stimulating, c)because having never actually taken a fiction writing class, I feel like I should experiment with that genre a bit before declaring myself a nonfiction writer.
So far, so good. I’ve already written a three-page short story/exercise that appeared to be well-received in class, and I’ve got a full-length short story due next week. I’ll probably start posting this stuff here when I have a moment, but for now, all two of you who read this will have to wait patiently.

I was able to switch into a literature class at the last minute, and I am really glad I did. It’s on contemporary short fiction. The professor is super-knowledgeable about literature — he seems to remember the characters, plot and literary devices from every story and novel. He gets very excited and starts comparing one piece of writing to others, sometimes to the point where he will list off 5-10 books/stories in just a few minutes. Anyway, it’s a nice companion class to the writing workshop, since for the first time I will be learning about the structure and styles of contemporary authors with an eye toward taking something back to my own writing.

It would have been tough for my last class to disappoint. It’s called Travel Publishing, and it’s awesome. The professor used to run an adventure travel press and he’s done a ton of travel writing. We’re reading some good stuff (as you’ll note from my weekly reading rundowns) and I am so eager to talk about everything in class that I am totally the dorky eager beaver student. I am also making friends in that class, which makes it all the better. For this week we had to write our first travel essay (1000 words). I wrote mine about Kauai since it was fresh in my mind. Again, it will be up on the web site soon.


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