Starbucks II

I’m back at Starbucks. My current attempt to counteract the ever-present Starbucks coffee bitterness is to add two packets of raw sugar and an unhealthy amount of half and half. It works, sort of.

Today the weather in Boston is quite lovely: 70s, sunny, not too much breeze. I haven’t been outside much, though. My day got away from me somehow, between Internet surfing, laundry, and a chat on the phone with my Dad before he heads to Crete. Ok, Ok, so I played about 50 rounds of solitaire on my computer. Maybe more than 50. I won a bunch of times, so odds-wise, it might have been more than 50. I have a cold, that’s my excuse. Also, it’s my birthday. I can do whatever I like, right?

I tried to go somewhere else today for my café writing session. There’s a very cute independent coffee shop in my neighborhood — in fact, just around the corner from my apartment. It’s called 1369 Coffeehouse. I don’t know why it’s called 1369. At first I thought it must be the address: 1369 Massachusetts Ave. But it’s in the 600 block. Whatever, I like their coffee. Many, many students frequent 1369 for studying. It’s almost always completely packed. Today there were some seats. But I didn’t go in. It’s a very narrow store, about half the width of Starbucks. Just about everyone in the café is in there solo, with a laptop. They all face forward, toward the street, so that if you look in the front window, everyone looks back at you. I felt uncool and intimidated by this today. So I chose the anonymity of Starbucks.

I’ve got a travel essay due in 10 days or so, and I have been struggling today over what to write. It’s strange to have someone tell you, “hey, write a travel story,” when you haven’t just traveled somewhere. This means I need to either make a new, better essay out of some older travel material, or go out and experience something in Boston and write about that. I am tempted to do that, but also want to make some of my older writing more marketable, so it’s a tough call.

One idea is to comb the city for the best Boston Cream Pie or something silly like that. That might be fun. Another would be to detail my hike to Half Dome this summer. But I feel like that’s sort of a been there, done that kind of story. And then there’s the wedding we attended in Poland. I’d really like to do something with that before it’s too late. It may be too late already. I don’t know.

Wow, weird blog interlude: As I write this, a tall blonde guy just passed by the Starbucks window I am sitting by. He wore a pink oxford (really), open to the chest, with a pair of blue canvas shorts and a white canvas belt. The whole ensemble was so J. Crew, so preppy, so 1985, that it was rather startling.

So much so, I don’t think I can write anymore. Wow.


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