dose of humility … or something

I have learned several things about my writing habits in the past couple of days:
1) I procrastinate. (Ok, I already knew that.)
2) I stubbornly cling to sentences, words, whole ideas for stories even when I know they don’t work.
3) I hate revising my work. (See #2)
4) I am a slow writer who tries to achieve perfection in each sentence before I can proceed to the next one, often to the detriment of the final product. (See #2)

I spent the weekend writing and rewriting this travel essay about the wedding that I attended in Poland a while back. I mean, I spent the WHOLE weekend doing it. I’ve barely left my apartment since Saturday. I went through four drafts until I got to a draft that I was moderately satisfied with. I knew, deep in my writerly heart, that I was trying to cram way too much into 1350 words. But I had already cut so much! I felt that I had made such a sacrifice already! After all, when I first wrote about this experience, I filled more than 10 pages. How could I possibly contain all of those feelings and descriptions in just three?!
Anyway, as we had planned in class, I sent my “good” draft to my partner for review. My classmate had issues with, what do you know, how much I was trying to cram into 1350 words. She said I was doing too much. Surprise, surprise.

Because of my stubborness, (and also that I need to get started on a short story due for next week) I am reluctant to revise this travel essay again. But knowing someone else is aware of these major flaws is too much for me. Hello, version #5.

Thank god this thing is due on Wednesday.


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