Red Sox Win!!!

The Red Sox win the ALCS! I was in a dive bar near school tonight. The Red Sox are my *other* team. (There’s the Giants, of course.) I’ve been watching all the games. Boston fans are crazy passionate about their team, and it’s the Yankees, their archrivals, and it’s fun to watch. Our professor let us out at 8:30 to watch the game. In the bar: A man took pictures of the game on the big screen TV. Yep, that’s right, it was such a historic moment that he took pictures of the TV itself.
Everyone’s cell phones were ringing all night. People with answered, “Did you see that?” instead of hello.
When the game ended we ran out into the streets — as did everyone else. Hundreds of people everywhere. Horns honked (And they’re still going, 2 hours later… sleep will be a ways off, I think), people screamed. One of Emerson’s dorms is right at Boylston and Tremont, on the edge of Boston Common. The entire dorm’s worth of students ran outside to the street corner, surrounding a cop car parked there. Hordes of students were yelling and waving Red Sox signs. As I walked back to the T to head home, I passed a group of people yelling “Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!”
(My friend from school went to a Jimmy Buffet concert at Fenway a few weeks ago and people started yelling Yankees Suck. It’s a thing people do here.)
Before I got on the T I saw a man yelling to his dog, “We finally won! We finally won!” The dog listened carefully and barked in response.
When I was waiting for my train, an inbound train pulled in and when the doors opened, instant screaming. A huge group of fans poured out of the train and ran for the surface. Their yelling got everyone yelling on the outbound platform.
When I emerged from the train in Central Square, things were just as crazy. In the din of the horns, a big guy in a Yankees jersey stood on the corner yelling “Red Sox Suck! Red Sox Suck! I @!# hate the Red Sox!” The sidewalks were full of people and they just laughed at him. I am surprised no one punched the guy. That’s the kind of stuff that starts fights here.
On TV, they are showing the thousands of people who have swarmed Fenway Park; they are climbing the poles and beams outside the park. I am watching rioters in Kenmore Square throw trash cans at a McDonalds, set fires and overturn cars. There are riot police everywhere. Fireworks are going off in the crowds. Insanity.
The reporters are comparing the Red Sox win to the 1980 USA Olympic victory over Russia in hockey. They actually directly compared the Yankees to “the Russians.”
The Red Sox are going to the World Series… they have a chance to win for the first time since 1918.


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