Things are calming down here, compared to last week, anyway. In the rioting after Game 7 of the ALCS an  undergrad from my school got hit in the eye with a police pepper spray bullet and died. Classes were canceled on Friday out of respect for her and those grieving for her.

I went to school (not knowing this) and tried to attend an internship fair that had been postponed (didn’t know that either). Some friends had done the same thing, and we wandered around the department aimlessly. It was strange, since no faculty were around and the building was devoid of students.

There’s been a lot of flak about the police handling of the post-game craziness, of course. It was an accident, what happened to the student, but still, whenever something like that happens, there’s endless discussion of it. Every article in the Globe has been devoted to the Red Sox in one way or another, no matter what section.
There’s a lot of worry (among officials especially) about how fans will react if indeed the Sox succeed in throwing off the curse and winning the World Series for the first time since 1918. The fact that the last games of the Series coincide with Halloween weekend in a town chock full of rowdy undergrads could make for some real insanity, that’s for sure.

I am hoping that the Sox sweep the Cardinals. It would be a Wednesday night, which would be better than a Saturday or Sunday in terms of craziness. (Although I guess that didnt’ stop anyone last week). For selfish reasons, though, I am hoping for a sweep, because I am headed to a wedding in CA Thursday afternoon and will probably miss Game 5, 6 and 7 if the series goes that long.


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