leaving San Francisco

My time in San Francisco is coming to an end. I have been here about two weeks, since just after Christmas, but it feels like much less time. One reason, I suspect, is the weather. It’s been raining since I arrived — with a few breaks here and there – but largely one day has resembled the next.
Today’s grey fog contrasts to yesterday’s welcome sun, however, and makes me sleepy. This is my first time writing this Christmas break, a fact I keep trying to reconcile with myself. I could have written more, but I guess I just needed the break. I haven’t even read very much, though I got quite a few good books for Christmas. The only one I have made any headway in is David Sedaris’ Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. As always, Sedaris is quite funny. I did read at least one of the New Yorkers from the pile of them that backed up while I was at school. I had planned on getting through most of them, but instead I’ve gotten sucked into bad TV, a video game and myriad household projects.

Last weekend B and I and 6 of our friends got stuck up in Tahoe for the weekend, as the area received record snowfall. Around the house we rented the drifts were four to six feet deep. All the rain in SF turns to voluminous snow in the Sierras. It was an adventure, but an enjoyable one.

Not much else to report. I feel relaxed and ready to begin classes again. Not so ready to get on a plane and fly to Boston, but those two things go hand in hand. At least I am prepared to deal with large amounts of snow now.


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