Weekend Update

I’ve been remiss in my postings this week, and so, a look back:

1/21: I go to a party a friend’s house in Roslindale, and nearly freeze to death getting there. It’s approximately, um, zero, outside, and there’s about 6 inches of snow still on the ground. Waiting for a ride from the station to the party, I lose all feeling in my feet and nose. The party is nice, however. I have a good time talking with this great group of women from school. I’m not the oldest person present, which makes me happy. A friend tells me that there’s supposed to be a blizzard over the weekend. I have been totally out of touch with the news during this first week of school, and am not sure whether she is exaggerating or not. Meanwhile, B. has returned from a business trip to Wilmington, DE. He is playing Xbox with California buddies when I get home from the party at around 1 a.m. The thermometer reads .6, and our apartment is freezing. Our floor heaters are not effective when the temp drops below 15. The frigid air from the drafty window blows over our heads when we try to sleep. I pull the covers over my head to get warm.

1/22: I have a lot of work to do, already, after one week of classes. Chief among my assignments is an 18-20 page essay, due in six days. I start writing, and spend much of the day studying, either reading from the approximately 600 pages I’ve got for homework, or writing. We go to the gym, and on the way home stop at the hardware store to buy plastic sheeting for our drafty bedroom window. When we get it up, it puffs out like a sail from the force of the draft. Later, when the blizzard is in full force, we are extremely thankful we spent the 20 bucks on weather proofing.
In the late afternoon, the sky starts to look ominous. I turn on the Weather Channel to learn about the approaching blizzard. The overdramatic personalities there have termed the storm “Winter Wallop,” which I find tremendously funny. I love overhyped weather coverage. I chuckle at the reporters who are outside in Philadelphia and New York, where the blizzard is already underway. They speak into microphones in blowing snow, which almost looks like someone off camera is throwing it at them for added drama. It’s just great entertainment.
By 5 p.m. the sky is dark and it’s snowing hard. We go out at around 6:30 to have dinner in the neighborhood. Already a couple of inches have fallen, and the snow is coming down in large wet flakes. It blows into our eyes and wets our faces. The temperature has risen to 14. We stop for ice cream at the 7-11 on the corner.

1/23: I get up early to work on my essay and when I pull back the blinds in my living room, the storm is going at full force. The wind is fierce, and there are huge drifts in the yard across the street. Visibility is almost nil. I can barely see down the block, the snow is coming down so hard. B. and I decide that staying inside is a lovely Sunday activity, but by noon we are restless. The sky has brightened a bit, and the snow isn’t coming down as hard, but the wind is still blowing madly. They’ve forcasted hurricane force winds of 50-70 mph. I am not sure it’s quite that bad out there, but it’s pretty bad. We decide to take a stroll. We’re feeling cooped up and want to go to the gym down the block. I call to see if it opens but no one answers. In our unflagging optimism, we figure if we walk down there, it might still be open. Probably someone is there, but they aren’t answering the phone. Right. We bundle up and head out. The snow is up to my knees or higher. There’s a one-person wide path worn into it on the sidewalk along Mass Ave, the main street. But on my street, we have to walk in the road, which they’ve been plowing pretty constantly all night. It’s not bad out there, until the wind gusts. Snow blows into our eyes and stings our faces. By the time we get to the gym (closed) we’re ready to be back inside. We don’t leave the apartment for the rest of the day. It finally stops snowing around 5 pm, and the Winter Wallop people declare that we’ve received two feet.

1/24: I stay inside studying and writing most of the day. School’s canceled because of the snow, but I don’t have class anyway, so I don’t find this out until the next day and am mildly disappointed that I didn’t have class, just for the thrill of seeing it canceled.
In the evening, I accompany B. to his ice hockey game. His brother is playing too and I watch the game with my sister-in-law. Their team wins, 6-1. The rink isn’t heated, and by the end of the game I can’t feel my feet. The game starts at 10 and we don’t get home until midnight. Afterwards B. is hungry, and we eat a frozen pizza.

1/25: More writing and studying. I have a shorter piece (3 pages) due in my Tuesday class, so I have to stop working on the 20-pager and work on that. I go to class, Profile Writing.

1/26: It’s snowing again. The sidewalks are a miserable sloppy mess. There are just a few pathways carved into the plowed piles of dirty snow to enable pedestrians to cross the street. Somehow this makes people even less aware of their surroundings, and it takes forever to walk anywhere. Still, I brave the falling flakes and the bad walking conditions and go to the grocery store, about six blocks away. We’re out of a lot of stuff. I fill up my backpack with the heavy items, and carry the light stuff in bags. It takes a lot longer than normal to get there and back. Later, I have to go to school for a meeting and class. It’s still snowing. I leave the house at 2:25 for a 3 pm meeting and arrive at 3:20, having waited 25 minutes for a train to even come into the station. Because it’s so yucky outside, I transfer to the green line to get closer to school with less walking above ground. But the train is so crowded I literally can’t get off at my stop. I manage to get off at the next stop and retrace my route. When I get to school, the meeting is almost over and I learn that classes have been canceled. So, I make my way back home and encounter more train delays. The snow is still coming down. People are being idiots. I get sidewalk rage. When I get home I am exhausted. B. goes to a Celtics game with his friend, and I spend the evening studying and watching “Sex in the City” reruns. As always, I wonder why I am watching. I don’t really like the show. The women are so prissy.

1/27: The snow’s finally stopped, but it’s cold and messy out. It takes me an hour to get to work because of a delayed train, and the subsequent overcrowded trains that followed. I wait through 5 trains before I can actually fit onto one. That night I finish my essay. It’s about when I taught in Korea. I am so excited that I have written 20 pages that I feel overconfident and start planning an entire book about the subject. At the very least, I consider doing my thesis on this topic. I’ m feeling pretty proud of the fact that I wrote 20 serviceable pages in six days.

1/28: Class, errands and then B. and I head to friends for homemade pizza and a showing of “Old School,” which may be one of the dumbest movies ever made. Most everyone had a good time watching it together, however. It takes us an hour to get home because of more delays on the red line.


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