Relaxation, rising temperatures and waffles

I have spent much of the weekend blissfully not studying. After cranking out that essay, I felt I deserved a break, so I took one. It was nice. B. and I took a much-needed trip to the gym, where I read horrible magazines while sweating it out on the stairmaster. “In Touch” doesn’t have a lot going for it, I have to say. But did you know that Kirsty Ally is considering weight-loss surgery? And Austin Croshear is losing his hair? And Jennifer Anniston suspected that all was not rosy with Brad? I am so very up to date now. I also read, or rather, flipped through, the most recent Cosmopolitan. Wow. That magazine just crossed the line and never looked back, didn’t it?
After the gym, we relaxed on the couch and watched an overdramatic show on Animal Planet about big cats. Riveting.
Then, since the temperature had climbed to an amazing 35 degrees, we decided to take a walk. It was the first time in two weeks that the temp got above 25. I almost wanted to put my shorts on. Anyway, we headed over to the Common and watched little kids sled on a gentle slope. It was pretty entertaining. We saw one inner tube full of little ones take out a toddler on its way down the hill. You could see it coming a mile away, and since no one got hurt, it was hilarious. Then we strolled over to the Frog Pond and watched the ice skaters, and then briefly took a walk through Beacon Hill. By then, the sun was dropping and a wintery sunset was imminent. We had thoroughly chilled ourselves, and so we headed back to Cambridge for dinner and a movie.
Dinner took place at Cambridge Brewing Co. For me, a pesto-mozzarella-asparagus-tomato sandwich on french bread w/fries. For B.: A burger, of course, with cheddar and bacon and absolutely no veggies. He had sweet potato fries. We split an appetizer of fresh Asian spring rolls. Dessert was a chamomile tea for me.
The movie was “Sideways,” which we have been wanting to see for a long time. It was a good movie that felt more like a novel than a movie. The wine country pretension was humorous, as was the weirdly interdependent relationship between the two main guys. All in all, not sure it was Best Picture material, but it was pretty good, and I thought about it a lot afterwards, which for me is the sign of a good movie.
No train delays and at home we warmed up on the couch and tuned in to HGTV for an hour or so. What can I say, we like to make fun of the TV people’s interior design skills.

Today B. had to return to SF. We ate a farewell breakfast of farm-animal-shaped waffles and fruit. The waffle iron we got for our wedding makes the best waffles. AND they’re shaped like chickens, cows, pigs and barns. What more can you ask for in a breakfast?
Since B. left I have been alternately moping around and doing some school reading. I’ve got to finish Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder by next Friday, and it’s kind of dense. I’m having trouble getting into it. I also read a few profiles from the New Yorker collection, and made some fried rice that was quite tasty. All this relaxation has me quite sleepy and I have to put the book down every so often and do something else to stay awake.
This is one of those times.


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