Catching Up

I submitted a travel essay to the New York Times travel section today. I’m fairly certain it was a pointless gesture, but it felt good to do anyway. It was a piece for the back-page essay. I’d post it on my site, but I have gotten a little more protective of my writing and would rather not have it floating around in cyberspace unless some publication, say, the New York Times decides to post it. So you’ll just have to wait until it gets accepted. (I know, that could be a while.)
I’d like to bring you up to speed — a lot has happened since my last post — but it’s going to have to be brief as I am off to dinner, free cone day and profile writing class. The important points:
– It’s now spring in Boston. And by spring I mean temperatures in the 70s and things blooming. Blooming! Green things!
-As a result of my nonfiction workshop, I have tentatively started writing a book about my experiences living in South Korea in 1995-1996. I have about 60 pages and a lot of doubts, but that’s the subject of another post.
– As a result of taking two writing workshops at the same time, I wrote about 120 pages of memoir-ish writing between January 16 and April 1st. That included two 20-page sections about Korea, and two profiles, including one of my grandfather. I am feeling kind of burned out after all of that writing in such a short time, but am still trying to churn out few pages a day on Korea.
– I have an interview for an internship at a literary agency in Boston tomorrow.
-B. and I are going to Cape Cod for the weekend at the end of this month, which we are both excited about because we haven’t been there before. Well, I haven’t been there before.
– I redesigned my web site. Some of it is still very much under construction, but it’s getting there. I’m hoping that it seems more professional. The personal stuff, such as photos, has been confined to one section of the site.
– I am mostly done with my schoolwork for the semester, so I’m basically just trying to enjoy the weather in Boston until I return to SF on May 3. Yesterday, for example, some friends and I went out to watch the Boston Marathon.


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