lost files

I hadn’t worked on my Korea book in over a week, so yesterday afternoon I went down to my favorite neighborhood cafe, and thought I would get to work. Ten days earlier, I had written about 5-6 pages of a new chapter about my students in Korea and their views on women. I have been struggling to write about my classes, because it is very difficult to recreate the dialogue that took place. I finally decided just to write and to worry about the strength of the content later. So I did. And I was feeling pretty good about the result.
Anyway, yesterday I started Microsoft Word and and opened the file, only to find complete, corrupted, gibberish. The file had somehow mutated in one of those computer mysteries that just can’t be explained. Let’s just say my file contained one sentence of the original writing, and 60 pages of y’s with umlauts on them and other weird characters. :(
I was so demoralized I gave up on writing for the day. That file was the only section of my writing on Korea that I hadn’t backed up. The only one! And the one that showed the most promise and possibility for future writing. I know I need to just sit down and start writing again, but so far, I can’t seem to. Bleh!


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