back in Boston

Well, after what seemed like an exceedingly long flight, I am back in Boston. (It probably didn’t help matters much that I was milling around SFO for four hours before my flight. But I won’t go into that here.)
It’s a pleasant 75.2 degrees and sunny. B. and I have picked up a tent and baked a coffee cake for this July 4th weekend at Ashburnham, MA.

I finally tracked down a copy of the last book I’ve been after for my summer class. Long story, but I had ordered it used on Amazon a month ago and never received it. The Boston Public Library’s copies are all checked out. But I finally located one at Borders, of all places, which means I can use the coupons I earn from my credit card and get the book for $10. It retails for $40. Bargain! In the process of all of this, I discovered this handy site where you can search the inventories of stores near you.


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