“I got paid $200 to test a razor, so I had to miss class.”

Last night I attended the first meeting of the class I am taking this summer, Americans in Paris. It’s a literature course, and from what I’ve seen so far, it may be a bit wacky. Some clues to this effect:
My professor, excitedly declaring that when Lindbergh approached Paris after flying across the Atlantic solo and discovered there were no lights to illuminate the runway he was to land on, he thought to himself, “WTF?”

A classmate (who, as a side note, was busting out of her very tight shirt) informing the class that she had “just puked in the bathroom,” and “if it smells in there, I’m sorry.” TMI! She then told us that because she had been a sporadic attendee of our professor’s previous course (“I got paid $200 to test a razor, so I had to miss class.”) she wanted to make a special effort to attend this class, despite the fact that she’d been sick.

A viewing of the movie, The Moderns. This film is…how can I say…not so good. In particular, Keith Carradine, who plays the main character, is awful. There were weird, silly things that happened as part of what might have been considered the plot. The director apparently viewed 1920s Paris in a very tongue-in-cheek sort of way.

Otherwise, however, the class seems like it will be interesting. Our professor is very excited about the subject matter, and the readings look good. I’ve begun reading the anthology we’ve been assigned, and it’s pretty interesting.

Other tidbits for today:
No. of pages of Korea book written today: 4
No. of cups of coffee consumed: .5
Amount of sunshine seen today: 0
Amount of fear-mongering viewed on CNN over possible terror attacks in the U.S. after the bombings in London: So, so, so much.


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