20 minutes without stopping

I’m having trouble writing today.

Since I can’t seem to get rolling on Korea writing today, I am trying only to write something. I read somewhere that the best way to get past writer’s block is to force yourself to write something, anything, for 20 minutes without stopping. So this is what I am doing here.
I tend to have the problem of not being able to write when I haven’t had time to write for several days. It takes me some time to settle into the writing process, so when I am prevented from writing for a few days, I have to settle all over again. Bleh.
The reason I’ve been too busy to write is that I have been swamped with work for my Americans in Paris class. The professor assigned about 20 pieces in the anthology for Monday, and then another 20 for Wednesday. In short, a lot of writing by 40 different people, all about Paris, or their experiences in Paris. The readings are pretty interesting, actually, and have opened my eyes to a number of writers I had previously either ignored or had not been aware of. Edith Wharton, for example. I read Ethan Frome in high school and absolutely hated it. It was the plot I objected to, really, I don’t remember the writing. But we read two pieces by Wharton for class that I thought were really wonderful. She was obviously a very intelligent woman, and was an excellent writer. I am considering reading the full text that the accounts came from for my final project.
We have to keep a reading journal for this course, basically making a comment or two on everything we read. I may post mine here soon.

I started my internship at the literary agency on Monday. It was uneventful. The agency is part of a large national law firm, so basically, I am working at a law firm, and it’s everything you imagine a law firm to be: staid, quiet, well-appointed. I have an office (which I share with two other interns, though we never work on the same day) overlooking all of Boston. It’s on the 27th floor. Everything is very organized. There are tons of office supplies, all neatly stacked in their own special room. There’s a separate kitchen, where there’s a funky machine where you can brew a single cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, you name it.
On my first day, my supervisor, who’s the editorial director for the agency, showed me around, and then she put me to work. I read a proposal for a legal thriller type of novel, which was an interesting departure from what I usually read. Then I wrote up a report on it. This is what I’ll be doing once a week for the rest of the summer. Reading proposals and writing reports. It seems kind of cool, but it’s a lot like what I do in my writing workshops, so it’s nothing too challenging or new, though the pressure of the situation is a bit more dramatic. I am basically recommending whether the agency should take on these books or not. When I say no, it’s some author like me who is getting rejected. That’s kind of depressing.
Hopefully as time passes I will see more of what goes on in other aspects of the agency.

Other than class, the internship, reading and going to the gym, I haven’t been doing too much. There hasn’t been time to do too much else.
Today I am headed out for drinks with two friends from school. Tomorrow, reading, writing, the gym–more of the same. B. leaves on Saturday. I will not see him for three-plus weeks after that, but my mom, my friend Beth and my dad are all coming to visit over the next three weeks, so it should pass quickly.


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