San Francisco update

Just some tidbits since my last post…

We spent the weekend at Lake Tahoe with some friends and Remington Steele, the cutest puppy ever. The weather was fabulous — sunny, warm, and dry — and the hiking, hot tubbing, and Mexican train domino playing were excellent. The gambling, not so much.

Last night I attended a Giants game, courtesy of B’s employer. His department had the corporate box, so we hung out there, chatted and enjoyed the unusually warm SF night. We also had access to the CEO seats, right behind home plate. We all took turns going down to those for an inning or so. It’s an amazing vantage point, being at eye level with the players’ ankles, so close to the field. The Giants actually won last night, too, so all in all it was a nice evening.

Today I paid more than $3 for gas for the first time in my life. $3.08, to be exact. It cost $22 to fill up our dinky, gas efficient Honda Civic, so I can only imagine what it must cost to fill up a gas-guzzling SUV at that price. To be honest I can’t say that I am upset about the cost. I am sorry the reason has to be something so terrible, like the hurricane. But we are unlikely to fill up our tank again for another two weeks or more, since we don’t use our car much and it is so efficient. I feel sorry for those who drive something reasonable and can’t afford the increased cost, but I don’t feel bad for those who are driving huge, inefficient cars unnecessarily. I saw so many of these beasts on the road back from Tahoe, as Californians love their cars, and they are truly large vehicles. I can only hope that the price of gas finally forces some of those environmental nightmares off the road.

In preparation for our December trip to Southeast Asia, I got my Hepatitis A booster shot yesterday, along with a stash of typhoid oral vaccine to start next week. I had both vaccines about 10 years ago before going to Korea, but needed boosters. We still have to get anti-malarials for the Cambodia portion of our trip, but that will come later. I am not looking forward to taking those, because of the side effects, but malaria is prevalent there, so if we want to see Angor Wat we don’t have much of a choice. Still, I am excited to be planning our trip! We have wanted to go for several years and finally have the time. I found our tickets online last week, so it’s all set.

Finally, we are headed south this weekend to my friend Mercy’s wedding shindig in San Diego.


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