book shopping

So I’m back in my little apartment in Cambridge, gearing up for the loads of reading and writing coming my way this semester. I think I have 22 books for this 13-week semester, which is a lot, but they are interesting books, mostly memoirs and literary journalism…no textbooks or theory reading. And, as previously mentioned, I have already read 4 or 5 out of the 22. Ha!

I spent the day scouring used books stores in Cambridge for any of the books I could find. I’m trying to save myself a few bucks, of course, but also, I hate patronizing my school’s bookstore. I may have mentioned this before, but besides being overpriced, all of the books are behind a counter. You have to ask for the books for your class! And the person behind the counter brings you the books, whether they are used or new. Which means you have no say over the quality of the used book you get, or whether you choose a new or used book, if the choice exists. It’s really annoying. And all of their used books have huge super-sticky stickers on them declaring their usedness, which are impossible to peel off and leave a sticky, grimy mark on your book. Which means that it is sometimes hard to read the titles of the books once they get on your bookshelf, and that you have little hope of reselling any of them, because who would want a book with a giant USED sticker on the spine and back cover? I am particular about my books, obviously, but this is really the worst college bookstore I have ever been to.


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