Better living through plastic.

It’s the kind of day that makes you keep turning up the temperature in the shower, because you just can’t get warm enough. It hasn’t been much over 30 today, and the wind is whipping across the streets, in the trees and against my windows, which rattle constantly. I finally caved in and put up plastic on the drafty bedroom window and in the course of the 15 minutes it took, my feet (encased in warm socks) went numb from all the cold air. Obviously, the plastic is a huge improvement. I’ve been sleeping under two down comforters, weighed down and curled into a knot in the center of the bed. It takes a long time to get warm when i get into bed, but I am sleeping really hard and waking up late.

It’s been a while since I posted here. My semester of stress and distress is finally almost over. I have one last essay to write, about language and identity, for my lit class. I buckled down last weekend and finished my other big final project for the semester, a book proposal for my book, in order to be able to work on my essay all week. But all I have done is procrastinate. Sigh. I have been scrambling to book some of our hotels, etc. for our upcoming trip, so at least all was not a complete waste of time. I probably will not get a chance to begin writing now until this weekend, which means I have to churn out a 20 page essay in four days. Not really a big deal, but I feel it hanging over my head.

I’ve been writing and thinking over many meaningful things in the past month, which I think will help future writing tremendously, so I am not feeling guilty about not posting here. I will try to write here more regularly however, over the next months.

I am hoping to blog while in Thailand and Cambodia, but we will see. I suspect I will feel the forces of vacation pulling me away from Internet cafes. It seems like a nice idea in theory.

Anyway, I am off to meet friends for dinner before memoir class.


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