generating proposals

It’s a bright and sunny winter day. My outdoor thermometer says 24 degrees. Eek. They are predicting “heavy snow” for tomorrow: 4-7 inches. Some reports say it’s going to come down an inch an hour. I am wondering whether my Friday class will be canceled. Whenever there’s the possibility of a snowstorm, I can’t help but feel excited, like I did as a kid.

I’ve been reading my classmates’ book proposals for tomorrow’s class. It’s exciting to see these pitches for full-length books, after reading three chapters from each person. There are some, I know, that will be published — and I hope that they are. I can’t wait to see these books in print. I feel good knowing that I have been a part (albeit a small one) in the making of these manuscripts. My own proposal makes it clear to me how much work I have to do, but it also shows how far I have come since last semester, when I could barely articulate what my book might be about. My proposal won’t be solid, I don’t think, until I finish a draft and really see where my book is going, but it is getting there. My classmates this semester in both of my workshops, and my professors, of course, have been immeasurably helpful.

Writing the proposal also made it clear to me that I need to publish some more travel writing, or at the very least, some writing about Japan or Korea, to boost my credibility with potential agents and publishers. I have big plans for sending off quite a few essays next semester, when I am taking only two classes and should have more time on my hands. My goal is to get something accepted somewhere by the end of the semester. Fingers crossed.


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