summing it up

I had an interesting last lit class of the semester last night. And by interesting, I mean pretentious and contentious, with moments of inappropriateness.
We were discussing Lauren Slater’s Lying and it was a bit heated. The book is frustrating, annoyingly (or cleverly, depending on your perspective) post-modern, brilliant, ethically disturbing, and arguably, well-written (although some in my class argued otherwise). It’s hard to define what you think happens in it, and how you feel about it. I kind of liked it, actually, though I think it is highly questionable as a piece of nonfiction.

The reaction of a woman in our class, a soft-spoken mom in her late 30s, who didn’t like the book: “I hate grad school. I hate writers.”

That pretty much sums it all up for me at the moment too.

I’m sure I will feel differently after I get a break, which will happen in a mere 3 days. Whoohoo! Soon i will be in CA, with Billy, and soon after that, in Thailand, where it has been in the mid-80s every day recently.

It’s a whopping 17 degrees out here and my apartment is freezing. I have the oven on (frozen pizza), a space heater on, and I am wearing slippers over my socks, and a fleece over my long sleeved shirt and warm sweater. I’m still cold. I’m going out to trivia night with friends later, and i am dreading the block walk to the T.

Oh, and finally, I am still on page 15 of my @#$! paper. More importantly, the 15 pages I have are, how can i say? Pretty horrible. I’ve got til Thursday at 5:30 to get it revised and, well, done.


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