Wednesday tidbits

No. of cups of coffee consumed so far today: One.
Temperature outside: 18 degrees F.
Temperature in Bangkok, Thailand: 85 degrees F.
Page number on which my last paper of the semester gets mired: 15. Oh, the humanity.
No. of classes left in the semester: Two. One tonight, complete with end-of-semester Chinese food in Chinatown, and one extra-long one on Friday to make up for the class we missed last week due to snow. Probably about 10 hours of final classes in total. Is it possible that time has slowed down?
Total pages completed of above-mentioned paper: 15.
Music I am listening to : My “Stan Getz/Gilberto” playlist in iTunes. Jazz/samba background music. It’s cheerful, like being in a coffee shop. Theoretically, this makes me want to write.
No. of minutes spent procrastinating this morning: 4,000? I have checked email, read the headlines, browsed the Soft Surroundings catalog, and checked the weather in Thailand. Of course, there’s also the current blogging, the gathering of the laundry I need to do, the trying on of the shoes I am bringing to Thailand with me. I’m quite good at procrastination.
Total pages to go to finish above-mentioned paper once and for all: Probably 2-3. Oh, the humanity.


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