this 2-liter bottle of Massachusetts is empty

I’m back in California. Yep, that’s right: the paper’s finished, time’s up, the semester is over.
It’s early and I am awake, all jet-laggy and on East Coast time. The most annoying thing about jet lag is when your clock says 7am, but your stomach says, “Hey! It’s 10 am and I haven’t had breakfast yet. Not to mention coffee. Caffeine! Hello?!” I tried to ignore my routine-cursed stomach, but to no avail.
At 8, I decided to sneak out for a bagel and some coffee in a break in the rain. The weather is pretty awful here by California standards. It’s windy and pouring and the clouds are hanging low in the sky. But it seemed to clear for a moment and I walked down to 9th and Irving, overdressed in too many layers. The weather in Boston hasn’t been much over 35 in the past few weeks, if at all. I always have trouble adjusting. The temperature here felt so mild, the air so humid, I might have guessed I had landed somewhere tropical.
It’s really nice to have the luxury of flying wherever, whenever we want, but our senses don’t seem to relocate themselves so quickly.


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