Boston weather

Within minutes after landing at Logan airport on Monday night, my feet regained numbness. It was cold. Really cold. Well, it’s been worse, but after a month of 50-85 degree weather and not wearing any coats, 20 degrees seemed a little bit chilly.

Here’s the thing. In California, you get used to fairly consistent weather. It’s not so changeable. On the East Coast, chances are if you wait a day, or, even, sometimes, a few hours, the weather will be different. For example:

Monday night: Cold, as previously mentioned. Clear and cold. 20s.
Tuesday: Clear and cold. 20s.
Tuesday night after class: Raining and low 30s.
Wednesday morning: 60 degrees, cloudy and breezy. Yes, that’s right, I tossed my down coat aside in favor of a lightweight fleece.
Wednesday noon: Raining, extremely windy and 50s. I was carrying groceries back from the store (about 5 blocks away) and I alternately felt as though I would be blown over or launched skyward, propelled by my plastic bags full of bagels and broccoli.
Wednesday at 6 pm: Hail, wind and 40s. (note to self: hail hurts!)
Wednesday at 8 pm: 30s. Windy.
Forecast for Thursday: Sunny!


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