of this past week … included seeing finally, “Brokeback Mountain.” I was worried it had been overhyped, but not so. It really is that good. Heath Ledger was fantastic. I managed not to cry.

Last night I attended a Celtics game, courtesy of a nice professor with a set of tickets he couldn’t use. That was entertaining in the usual Boston sports kind of way: Lots and lots of exuberant fans, lots of Boston accents, and lots of what I like to call the Boston Sports Crossover Effect. For example, we are attending a Celtics game, but Wally the Green Monster, the mascot of the Red Sox (yes, a different sport) is there dancing around center court. And fans are wearing Patriots jackets and t-shirts. And on the train on the way home, Mr. Drunk Fan is yelling “Celtics are number one! Go Pats! In the heart of Boston! Fenway Park! Where everybody knows your name! Red Sox are number one! Celtics win!” The Boston Sports Crossover Effect basically sums up the fact that Boston sports fans are cheering for Boston more than they are the sport they are watching. At least in my opinion.

Anyway, the Celtics were ahead by 30-some points at the end of the third quarter, and so we decided to leave, since neither my friend nor I was that into the game in the first place. The very Boston fan sitting next to me (wearing the bright Celtics green and a Celtics cap) says, “You ladies ahn’t leaving now ah you? You’ll never see the Celtics blow out a team like this! This is like a once in a lifetime event!”
I think to myself that that’s a nice way of saying, “Our team sucks, so we rarely beat anyone by this much.” I am smart enough not to voice this opinion.
I look at the scoreboard: Celtics 83, Trailblazers, 51. “This game is so over,” I say, smiling.
“Aw yeah it is!” Mr. Celtics fan looks thrilled.
We leave.

Tonight, before I’m shut in by the blizzard, I’m seeing “Match Point,” the Woody Allen movie, which I hear is terrific. To be followed by sushi. Yum.


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