Book? What book?

I hereby declare April the Official Month of No Writing. Between packing, planning my return to California, various goodbye events, classes, writing a paper and a weird time sieve that seems to suck away much of my days, writing is not occurring. So rather than feeling guilty about it, I’ve decided to go with it. No writing in April. Perhaps this will be a good thing, and my chapters will look fresh when I return to them in May. Perhaps (and more likely) I will just need to work that much harder next month.

Well meaning people keep asking me, “How’s your book going?” Which puts me into a momentary pause and feeling that I have forgotten something and results in a reply like “Book? Huh? Um, yeah, good.”

All that said, I will try to post here, but it’s probably not going to happen too frequently. I’ve got a lot going on in the next three weeks: Furniture to sell/give away, things to donate to Goodwill, packages of stuff to mail to CA, a trip to Cape Cod… Did I mention the pesky paper?

Stay tuned.


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