Winter Sonata

I am totally hooked on a Korean drama called “Winter Sonata” that’s running on AZN right now. It’s actually a few years old and apparently was mega-popular in both Korea and Japan. It’s a sappy, sad love story that is totally predictable and still, I can’t help watching it. The storyline of this show is so ridiculous…Jun-sang gets hit by a car and though there isn’t a scar on him, he loses his memory and forgets Yujin. Of course, as in all cheesy romances, she thinks he’s dead. And then, of course, he surfaces after ten years, when she is engaged to another high school friend. And he doesn’t remember her.
Just writing out this plot makes me embarassed that I am so hooked on this.
Anyway, unfortunately, it’s on late and so I am going to bed at 1 or 2 am every night. This must end…I am definitely not getting enough sleep. But I must know what happens to Yujin and her long-lost love Jun-sang!


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