Yesterday, in the span of about two hours:
1) I went to the gym. While I was there I spied a stray Elle magazine and flipped through it while I was on the elliptical trainer. It happened to be the “green” issue, and so there were a lot of articles about organic fabrics and cosmetics and a few other pieces about things that are actually useful in terms of saving our environment. (Don’t get me wrong, I think clothes and bags hewn from seaweed are, um, cutting edge and very forward thinking.) There was a piece by the comedian and TV producer Larry David’s wife, whose name I have already forgotten…Laurie David? Lauren David? Anyway, she wrote about how she had her first kid and found herself strolling around her neighborhood at mid-day, something she hadn’t really done before, and she noticed how everyone was driving an SUV. She started thinking about all that exhaust, and one thing led to another and now she’s got this organization Stop Global Warming.* So as I was working out, I thought about how it would be nice to join this organization, and how I should be more active about problems as large as global warming, and about how some good friends of ours recently traded in their SUV for a bigger SUV, and how ridiculous that is. I thought about how I don’t know what else to do…We recycle a good 85% of our trash, we recycle plastic bags, we drive one old, small, very gas-efficient car, and then only on weekends. I thought about how we take public transit often, about how we walk, often.

2) After I left the gym I walked to the very-granola organic co-op down the street and picked up a few things to tide us over until we leave Boston. While I was standing in line I became ravenously hungry. So hungry, in fact, that I began craving a burger.

3) After I left the natural, organic co-op, I went to McDonald’s.

4) Back at the apartment, Billy and I were eating our burgers, and I told him about the Stop Global Warming article and we started complaining about our friends with the SUV. In the midst of this discussion, I said, “This burger is delicious!” Then I had a vision of myself eating my burger and being all high and mighty about the gigantor SUV and I added (rather sheepishly), “She said, as she eats her mass-produced symbol of capitalist planet destruction.”

*Later, I go online to join Stop Global Warming, and the site requires me to register. So I do. I wait for the email that I can click through to make my registration valid. When I do, it says that I am already registered. When I try to log in, the site says there’s no member with that name or password. So I send an email to their “help” address, and I haven’t heard back yet. Hello?? I’m trying to help! I’m trying to do my part to stop global warming! Fix your site!


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