sick and shown up

I am sick. Sick! As in, sneezy, wheezy, coughing, runny nose, can’t sleep, achy. Bleh. As a result, not much has been happening around here besides me whining about my condition from the couch while flipping back and forth between the Food Network, the Giants game (Bor-ring! SF 9, Colorado, 0), and HGTV’s stellar Friday night programming (a lineup which included a show whose sole purpose was to highlight the ugliest bathrooms ever. It doesn’t get much better than that on a Friday night, let me tell you.)

With no other news to report or opinions to put forth, I offer an update on the miscellany of my previous post:

For starters, the iPod vending machines. In response to my question, Who does that? Apparently lots of people do, as pointed out by a highly esteemed former colleague. I still find this vending machine concept ridiculous, in an I-don’t-want-to-be-part-of-the-future kind of way. You can call me a stodgy Luddite if you wish. I give the machines a year.

As for the streamlined joys of the Cordarounds and horizontal seersucker, another of my highly esteemed former colleagues (nothing gets by these people!) has pointed out that the aforementioned company appeared in a New Yorker Talk of the Town column. (What’s slightly embarrassing about this is that the column appeared in the same issue as the ad I noticed which prompted me to write about the company in the first place. My odd New Yorker reading habits have been exposed: I plunge right into the feature articles, then when I have been through all of the full-length stories and reviews, I return to the movie review blurbs and the Talk of the Town. What often happens is that I never get to those parts because a new issue arrives and I jump into the full-length stories again. Clearly this is a habit that I will have to break.)

Finally, I have offended Mr. Chippy. The pesky little bird must have broadband access, because ever since my rant about his repetitive chipping, I have not heard one measly chip.


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