Sunny California

We went for a hike yesterday in Marin. It was the first time I’d been hiking in ages — since last summer! We woke to blazing sun and a shockingly fog-free sky, so we knew we had to go.

We planned to do a 5.5 mile loop that’s one of my favorites. But a little ways into the hike, we took the left side of a fork in the trail instead of the right. I knew where we were, so we weren’t lost and we decided just to go with it. We ened up on a trail that spirals 1,000 or so feet from the headlands down to the beach. We thought we might take the bus back up, since we hadn’t planned on doing such a long hike. But the bus wasn’t running, so we hoofed it back up the mountain. Our 5.5 mile hike turned into a 10+ mile hike.

Still, the day was beautiful, the temperature was perfect and the scenery relaxing. When we reached thetop we were sweaty and tired, but it felt good to have done it.


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