Lots of balls in the air

One thing about school is that when classes are in session, that’s all you really worry about. You have school, and you have your personal life, which, when you are in school, generally includes drinking beer, watching movies and just generally hanging out.

I’m now in a weird school limbo —I’m still enrolled in school, and I still have schoolwork to do. But I don’t have classes to go to. And I’m suddenly juggling a lot of non-school things and I am feeling very distracted as a result. I am out of practice with the multi-tasking, which I suppose is an enviable position.

I’m trying to get some work done on my thesis every day, but it’s getting harder and harder. Before the obstacle was me and my procrastination. But now: we are getting serious about a house; I’m juggling four or five (six?) freelance stories; and working on some other projects that I have yet to mention on this blog but I will soon enough. Add in some dumb stuff, like shopping for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding (#%#$!!), endlessly designing and redesigning a new web site, and I am a) out of time, and b)all kinds of distracted and unfocused. Which means finding the concentration for the thesis has been rough of late.

Weirdly, though I dislike juggling lots of different things at once, I do actually get more done when I have a lot going on. So somehow I have managed to get two chapters done recently despite the static in my brain. Which I am darn happy about. There’s still so much more to do though, and it’s starting to hit me that it’s almost the end of June. Eek!


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