Is it time for a makeover?

I’m thinking of revamping this blog. I don’t mean the design, or the name. I mean the subject matter. The intent of this thing was to write about writing, a plan that conveniently coincided with two years spent in a graduate writing program.  I had lots of material and constant stimuli in the form of classes, readings, professorial advice and so on.
But recently things have taken a bit of a slide. This blog has gone from “My Discoveries as a Would-be Writer” to “The Occasional, Scattered Whinings of a Work-From-Home Freelancer and Thesis Procrastinator.”

Not exactly compelling stuff.

Not only that, but I am finding myself writing less and less about my writing process than I am about why I am not writing, and what other people are saying about not writing. It makes me cranky. There’s a lot of gut-wrenching and navel-gazing, both on this blog and others. There are some positive posts occasionally, but I have never been into the touchy-feely inspiration stuff that surrounds writing communities and infuses innumerable writing guidebooks. Frankly, I want to write about it even less than I want to hear or read about it.

And let’s face it: There are a million-gagillion-zillion blogs out there about writing, the struggles of wanna-be writers, MFA students, and freelancers. What am I offering that’s any different? These feelings reached a new low yesterday, when as I was surfing around the Net, I came across this Author’s Blogs page. First of all, there are soooo many blogs listed here. Second of all, when I clicked on the “add me to this listing” link (purely out of curiosity, I assure you), I read that the listing of bloggers “is meant to provide an index chronicling authors’ journeys  as they struggle with the industry and their muse.”
That phrase seemed to sum up what I was doing on my blog — at least before the summer doldrums set in. I simultaneously recognized the sentiment they were after in my own blogging and hated myself for being so gosh-darned cliché.

Then, I started thinking about all of the big, existential (sort of) questions. Why am I blogging anyway? What am I trying to do? When I was in school, I had answers to those questions. Blogging was a way for me to document my bicoastal life, my journey into an MFA program, and what I was learning as a writer.
But now, I am not sure I have answers for those questions. And frankly, I am not really enjoying my daily rants, whining and blathering about why I am not writing, what other writers are doing and so on.

So, in keeping with my aforementioned declaration of focusing my creative life and doing what I love, Fluent is taking some time off for assessing, reevaluating and, perhaps, refocusing the subject matter offered here. In fact, I would have been taking a bit of a hiatus this month anyway; I’ve got relatives coming into town and have a ton of catching-up work to do on my thesis. Did I mention I’ve been procrastinating?

Anyway, to clarify: This blog isn’t disappearing, I’m just taking a break. How long of a break? Perhaps not that long, maybe just a couple of weeks. Please check back soon to see what direction Fluent goes in next. In the mean time, if you have any suggestions for the future of this blog, feel free to leave a comment below. Or email me at: ebrowne1 at

Thanks for reading.


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