I’m back!

Hello, readerly people. I’m back from my break! I’d like to say I’m refreshed and refocused, and in some ways I am, but to say that I am fully so would be a bit of an exaggeration. Refreshed and refocused are the goals, however. I have missed blogging, and I found that it really is a daily writing habit that gets my creative juices flowing. Wow, do I hate that expression. Anyway, writing here helps me with my other writing. I have had to restrain myself from posting over the last couple of weeks, so much of a habit blogging has become.

In any case, much has been happening since my last post, lo these weeks ago:

• We are buying a house! Previously  we lost out on a house that we’d wanted because the seller decided she wanted more money for it than the listing price might have suggested. Since then, she changed her mind, we’ve done some dealing with our double agent, and it is ours. Muhahaha. Ok, well, it’s the bank’s, mostly. But we close and move in late August. So, my faith in humanity has been somewhat restored. Greediness is not the rule in San Francisco’s real estate market. I take it back. Anyway, this sudden change of fortune means we are busy filling out mortgage documents, talking to contractors, insurance agents and other mysterious types, and packing. A bit of information I digested this weekend: We have a lot of stuff. This is what happens when you a) live in one place for five years (a record for wanderer me who never really lived anywhere much more than a year from the time I left for college) b) begin to earn an income with which to buy stuff, and c) get married, a ceremony which magically causes more stuff to appear. The stuff is now in disarray in our apartment, and we have piled up boxes everywhere in which to stash the stuff. I actually like packing, so this is not as daunting or horrible as it sounds. Still, when we decided to start the packing yesterday we both felt a little overwhelmed.

• I am hard at work editing and rewriting 190 pages+ of my thesis. I printed it out yesterday, the whole darned thing, and it is a fat little manuscript. I keep looking at the stack of paper on my desk and wondering what it is.
I am finding it easier to edit the printed version and, more importantly, to see how the chapters are fitting together. Somehow when it’s actually on paper it reads more like a book, and I can see more easily where the writing sucks, which is in a lot of places, unfortunately. There’s still a lot to be done, but I am making progress.


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