19 countries and counting

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I love maps. I love maps because they allow me to see where I’ve been, and plan where I’ll go next. Looking at this map, there are a lot of places I still need to get to. Apparently (according to this little map widget) I have been to 19 countries. (That number includes, in my opinion, suspect country-number boosters, like Vatican City and North Korea. Yes, I have been to the Vatican City, and yes, at the DMZ, I technically stepped into North Korea. But had I been simply writing down my visited country list, those two probably wouldn’t have made it. Also, obviously, I wouldn’t have listed the U.S.A. I didn’t include countries whose airports I have visited, which would have inflated my number by at least 3 more — U.K., Hong Kong, Belgium — but that’s just lame.

Countries on my list that I have visited more than once:

Japan (3x)
Thailand (2x)
Germany (2x)
Italy (2x)
Mexico (2x)
Czech Republic (2x)

My favorite destinations so far:
Japan, Thailand, Italy, Greece, Poland

My least favorite:

Place I have been that I would most like to check out further, because I just didn’t see enough:

Top ten places I would most like to go to next/in my lifetime:

1. China/Hong Kong
2. Ecuador (the Galapagos Is.)
3. Bhutan
4. Vietnam
5. Iceland
6. Tanzania or Kenya
7. Madagascar
8. Scotland
9. Turkey
10. Belize


One thought on “19 countries and counting

  1. Yay! Glad to have you back! Yay on the house, too! Whoa. If you need to escape for an afternoon or whatever, shoot me an email or call. I think you might be a mite busy, though… :)

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