Murakami, some washoku, and a bath

Since I seem to be on a book theme this weekend, I thought I’d pass along three Japan-related book reviews I found myself reading this weekend for one reason or another:

• The Japan Times has a quirky little review of a nonfiction work focused solely on Japanese baths, or onsen.

• Berkeley’s Ten Speed Press (which by the way has a fancy new web site) came out last year with Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen, but it’s taken a year for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to review it.
Though this seems like an obvious spot for it, I’ll refrain from adding a Milwaukee put down.

• Finally, most Haruki Murakami fans are probably aware that he has a new collection of stories coming out, but I’m a little slow with these things. Thankfully, there’s Bookslut, and now I’m all caught up, with this review.


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