fluctuations in the (writing) weather

When it comes to writing, it’s amazing how different one day can be from the next. Yesterday, I was feeling so good about my thesis. I was enthusiastic about working on it, I spent a lot of time writing and editing, and I felt confident about the changes I made and the progress I was making.

Today, not so much. I am distracted and completely unable to concentrate on writing. I keep opening my Word files and staring at them blankly. I hate the writing when I go back and read it. I can’t figure out how to organize the next chapter, and I am even questioning what chapter should be the next chapter. I am feeling paralyzed by the idea that someday, someone besides me is going to have to read this thing in its entirety.

When I wake up in this kind of state, I try to settle down, maybe change locations. Write somewhere else. Sometimes it actually helps. Today, even relocating to a coffee shop did nothing. I just opened my Word files there and stared at them some more. Only there were other people around, staring at me staring at my screen. Also not helpful.

I suppose if I was really hardcore I would shut myself in a room and force myself to produce something, anything. A simple paragraph would be nice.

Instead, I am writing off today. That’s right. Today is hereby declared too clouded by distraction. I give up. For today, anyway.


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