Cats, kimchi, and kittens

Yesterday I had an appointment near Fillmore Street in SF and used it as an occasion to do two things I love to do:

1) Visit Pets Unlimited, and play with the kitties! If you’re not familiar with this place, it’s great. You can just stop by and stroll through to see what cats and dogs are available for adoption. They have a big playroom with usually 5 or 6 cats in it and you can go in an hang out with them for a while. There are plenty of toys. I bonded with a couple of playful teenaged cats for a while before my eyes started to itch from cat-fur overload. There were a couple of big long-haired cats in there who kept rubbing on me. I later found out one of them has no teeth!
But the little guys were so, so cute, jumping all over the place and chasing after the toy I had brought in. Unfortunately, the kittens were in quarantine while I was there, so I never got to see them. Maybe next time. They have a kitten foster program I am thinking about attempting after we move, and I think that might be a good way to see if Billy’s allergies can handle a cat on a permanent basis.

2) I stopped by the grocery in Japantown, a dangerous spot for me. I always want to buy everything in there. The problem is that I really don’t know how to cook a lot of it. I settled for some fresh ramen noodles, some pork gyoza, a bottle of sesame oil (smells soooo good!), mirin, various packages of rice crackers, and a jar of kimchi. Yum. I could smell the kimchi all the way home on the bus, which reminded me of living in Korea. I forgot that if you don’t like kimchi, or you’re not used to the smell, it can be kind of overpowering. Billy hates it, and made all sorts of faces when I open the jar and it fizzed all over the place.
For dinner we ate steaming bowls of shoyu ramen topped with pan-fried gyoza and bean sprouts. I had a bowl of kimchi on the side, hoping the vitamin C would do something for my cold.


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