Ok. I’m Back.

Though not necessarily on track. We are moved, unboxed (kind of) and settling in. Our new house is just, well, awesome. There’s lots of space and rooms and a sunny deck frequented by cute cats. (The friendliest among them is named Homer, and yesterday he padded on our roof before I let him in the window and carried him to the backyard. He’s all about rubbing and meowing and I’m pretty sure if I fed him, he’d adopt us.) The sun shines here so much compared to our old place in the cold fog. A real estate agent told us once that this part of the city “probably gets 20 more sunny days a year” than the part we just moved from, and I can already say that he was very wrong. We haven’t even been in our house two weeks and it’s clear 20 days is a complete understatement. I can watch the fog in my old neighborhood from our front steps and laugh gleefully when it stops short of our house. Every. day. Ha, ha!

Other awesomeness: The famous flock of San Francisco parrots flies over our house every day. I can hear their unusual squawking from inside our house. I think they must land somewhere nearby, but I haven’t figured out where yet. And, of much greater import, I have an office. Whoo! That’s right, I now have a dedicated space in which to write, create, and think. It’s still in disarray, but the basics are in place – the desk, printer, internet hook-up and so on. I even have a window, a bookshelf, and a plant in here. Luxury.

Somehow, through all of the moving, unpacking, organizing, shopping at Home Depot (ugh!) and attempts at decorating our new home, I have been trying desperately to work on my thesis. The first half is due within a week. I’m a bit agitated about it, but I will admit that it’s mostly done. I just have one scene without a home, and there are two chapters out of the first six that I hate so much I want to rewrite them… the problem is every time I try I can’t seem to make it work, so I go back to the originals. I think I am just going to turn the first half in as is, and deal with those two pesky sucky chapters later. I have to get going on the rest of the book. Because, I now realize looking at the table of contents which hangs over my desk: only three of the second six chapters have been completed. Eek. And they are all due in mid-October. Eek.


One thought on “Ok. I’m Back.

  1. The parrots land in the trees at Dolores and 14th through 18th. I used to live at Dolores and 14th, and sawthem frequently.

    Can’t wait to visit! Woo hoo!

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