Six chapters down

I mailed off the first 130 pages (six chapters) of my book today. Whew! It will now be read by my thesis advisor, and I am off to Boston in a couple of weeks to hear what he has to say about this installment. I must say that the stack of paper looked quite impressive. I kept touching it and flipping through it (while trying desperately not to read it – I just want to change things when I actually read it). I even felt kind of sad when I put it in the mail.

I’d like to take the rest of the day off to celebrate, but alas, no can do. With part 1 out the door, I have no excuse not to work on part 2. As I may have previously mentioned, the second half of the book is much less complete than the first. I’ve got about 70 pages, so I’ve basically got to double that. In the next month.

And here I am taking a break. Hilarious- Only writers would consider taking a break a good time to do more writing.


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