Ok, not *really* out of words.

Ok, so I didn’t really run out of words. Maybe I just ran out of focus and calm. I definitely have not been in my happy place, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the encouraging comments and emails — for some reason it is always reassuring (in a dark sort of way) to know that other writers struggle too.

I’ve been totally swamped…and stressed! I’ve got less than three weeks left to finish my thesis, and for some (moronic!) reason, I agreed to take on some freelance work. Now, at crunch time. This was a bad plan leading to much insomnia and anxiety (although the cash will be nice).

But in not posting here for a couple of days, I managed to a) finish a chapter (!) and b) get through most of a freelance project that has been hanging over my head. Whew! I’ve got to finish chapter 10 and write chapter 12 still, and ok, there’s an epilogue, but I am close. So close. Still, it’s going to be a hectic couple of weeks.

One of the things I make sure to do when stressed or keyed up is go to the gym. It always helps. Yesterday, while I was doing some cardio I listened to a podcast of “Meet the Writers” from BarnesandNoble.com (downloaded for free at iTunes). It was an interview with Nicole Krauss, whose writing I love. I first discovered her when I read the short story “Future Emergencies” in a Best American collection. I haven’t been disappointed yet by either her stories or her two novels, Man Walks Into a Room and History of Love. I hear her poetry is quite nice, too. Anyway, the “Meet the Writers” podcasts are not in any way groundbreaking, as you might expect from BarnesandNoble.com, and the interviewer is kinda loud and doofy and asks waaay too many leading questions, but…Nicole Krauss was interesting to hear. She was almost frustratingly modest. She admitted to struggling with writing novels, learning the hard way. And she said she wouldn’t wish writing on anyone! For some reason that made me feel better. She admitted to wanting to quit sometimes (also made me feel better) and to being “addicted” to writing — thus she couldn’t quit. And, I found out something I didn’t know, which is that she’s married to the novelist Jonathan Safran Foer. What a literary power couple. Aren’t they both under 30?


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