Not so sunny California.

It’s raining here in Northern California, the first rain of winter. (Only it’s not winter yet, which is kind of worrisome. Should I blame global warming?) It rained when I was in Boston, too, but that seemed normal, comforting…I don’t know, expected. Boston is a place here rain feels appropriate.
California is not a place where rain feels appropriate. Especially not in October.

It’s strange, during the 6-9 months we don’t get rain I often think about rain, even dream about it. I wish for thunderstorms. But when the rain actually comes, I feel cheated. It’s supposed to be sunny here!

So. I am trying to keep a sunny disposition despite the fact that it is pouring, I’ve got a roaring head cold, and I’ve procrastinated all week so that now I have a freelance story due and 20-30 pages to crank out on my thesis in the next six days.


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