Attack of the jackhammers

I think I am being trailed by a pack of jackhammers. Today, of all days, when I have two days to finish writing my last chapter and edit the previous 120 pages. The utility people are back and at it again, digging up our street. Probably turning off our water without warning, though I have been working at my desk so I am not really sure. So I walk the 10 minutes over the hill to a cafe I like and literally one minute after I sit down and open my laptop, more jackhammering. It turns out they are digging up the street outside the cafe for something. So I manage to work for an hour, then I hike back over the hill to my house, where all is quiet. No utility workers in sight. Sweet! I have lunch, I start working again.
And then the trucks and the utility people return, with more jackhammers. They’re digging up more of the street. More jackhammering!
Good times.


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