So my books won’t be optioned by Peter Jackson, so what?

By now anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will know that I am fascinated by writers’ work lives. How long they work each day, where they work, what constitutes a “good day” of writing, that sort of thing.
This morning in the NY Times, I read about this new fantasy author, who just had her first three books optioned by Peter Jackson (a la Lord of the Rings), and who feels the need to produce 6,000 words a day. 6,000! That’s at least 20 pages, double spaced. A day.


If I wrote my book at a 6,000-word a day rate, I’d have been done in about two weeks instead of a year and a half plus.

Inevitably, when I read about writers like this, i feel the need to make comparisons. But I can definitely say that I have never had a 6,000-word day of writing. And I’m OK with that. I am happy when I have a 1,000-word day. Or sometimes, a one-paragraph day. Ha.

Incidentally, if there’s any day that should be a 6,000-word day, today would be it. I’m having trouble getting my last chapter, the mysterious chapter 12, into existence. And I’ve pretty much got a day to do it.


2 thoughts on “So my books won’t be optioned by Peter Jackson, so what?

  1. i empathize–i too compare myself to the more prolific writers. when i got to the writing colony this summer, i opened up the cottage’s journal. someone had written, “I am leaving with over two hundred pages…” and I can’t tell you how awful yet inspired that made me feel.

    i did NOT leave with over 200 pages. nowhere near it. :P

    good luck on your writing! you are a prolific writer in my book! i think i hit the delete key more than any other key.

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