The end is near, but oh so far.

Days left until I must mail in a final version of my thesis: 8.
Caffeine levels: High.
Page count: 243.
Hours I have spent editing and rewriting the last 50 pages since Monday: About 19. I have reordered chapters, cut whole sections and reworded countless paragraphs. I am to the point that I can no longer see what the outcome of my work is. I mean, when I shift a section from Ch. 12 to the epilogue or vice versa, I can no longer tell what difference it makes. Does it really make any?
Hours more I probably needed to spend on the last 50 pages: Triple the time I have spent. I am aware that there are major flaws, but I am no longer sure how to correct them (was I ever, really?) and for a slow writer like me, it doesn’t
feel like there’s enough time to do anything too drastic. As it is, I have great plans to continue to rework chapters 1-4, finish reworking the end of the book, copyedit the whole thing, and add endnotes. Over the next week.  Right.
Where my new computer is: Suzou, China, according to FedEx. And here I thought my new computer would get to me fast since it would only be coming from Apple HQ in Sunnyvale. Ah, outsourcing.
Current frustrations (aside from the thesis itself): Microsoft Word’s citation functions, time’s speedy progress, my laptop-less immobility, the lack of groceries in our refrigerator.
Recent enjoyments: Staying up til 2am reading the end of Dan Chaon’s You Remind Me of Me, homemade brownies and fudge swirl ice cream for dessert, watching as a raccoon barreled past us down the hill last night with his toenails going clickety-click on the sidewalk.


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