I’m being stalked…

by my neighbor’s cat. The little guy started coming to my office window the other day, and I foolishly started letting him in. Anyone who knows me will know that I am dying to have a pet, and so other people’s are always welcome. Well, almost always. It started as a nice little routine: I’d open the window, he’d come in and hang out for a while, I’d pet him, and then when I could procrastinate no longer, I’d put him back out. The problem is, he keeps coming back and meowing and banging on my window with his head. He’s a sweet cat, but I’m trying to work, and anyone who has a cat will know that cats love to stomp on keyboards, rub on typing hands, and knock pens on the floor. This cat, when I invite him in, does the same. I’m having some allergy problems today though, and so I had to put my foot down. No entrance. But he’s been at my window no less than 10 times, and now he just sits out there, staring at me. I look over my shoulder and boom! There he is. It’s kind of creepy.DSCN1966


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