Starting to feel like a normal human being

It’s been more than two weeks since I sent my finished thesis off to my professors for their consideration, and I am finally starting to feel normal again. By normal, i mean I am starting to think about other creative endeavors — writing-related and otherwise — that I didn’t feel I was able to consider while in the midst of the book. I do not always feel a pang of guilt (for not working on the thesis) when watching TV or reading a book, or even just making dinner.

Of course, all this normality has meant I have completely blown off things I *should* be doing: submitting my writing to journals, fixing up my resume, looking for a job, preparing a book proposal to send out to potential agents…. I am in vacation mode, all the way. When I hear that voice in the back of my head telling me to start doing those things, I think: Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Maybe tomorrow.

I can procrastinate no longer on one thing, though: Preparing copies of my finalized thesis to submit to my lovely educational institution, whereupon it will be bound and stashed away on some upper shelf in the back corner of the library, never to been by me or anyone else, ever again. The college has all of these annoying standards for the paper on which my thesis must be printed, the margins, the font, even the page numbers. In the end, it means a lot of expense for graduating students, right when they don’t need that. I’ve already spent $100 on the special paper, and I suspect my printer will not cooperate in printing out 540 pages of thesis and the accompanying mandatory bureaucratic cover sheets unless I buy another toner cartridge. There is a chance I could do it wrong — the office at school that accepts the final copies measures the margins and so on with a ruler and has been known to reject theses based on their not meeting the strict formatting standards — and have to print all 540 pages out all over again, after re-purchasing another $100 worth of paper. At a Kinkos (since by then I will be in Boston and not at home with my own trusty printer) at some exorbitant cost I don’t even want to think about. It says something that I am more nervous about this possibility than about my defense.

I’m heading to Boston on Tuesday…by the end of the week, I will officially be done with grad school. Whoo!


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