New York, New York

I’m headed to New York for a few days….so excited! I haven’t really spent any time there since I was in high school –far too long ago. And it seems like everyone I know goes there all the time. They are always talking about it, like I know exactly what they mean about certain neighborhoods and restaurants, but really I have no clue and every time I hear a New York story, really I am just a little bit jealous. I admit it.
Anyway, I have been preparing for the trip and I have big plans to eat well, and a lot. I have all sorts of restaurants and snack places on my list: Korean mandu, pizza, bagels, gelato, cannoli…
I’m also planning to spend quite a bit of time in museums looking at art. It’s been a while since I’ve done that. But I’m also planning to shop. And see a show. Whoo! New York!
I’m not sure I’ll be posting while I’m gone, but stay tuned, I’ll be back by the weekend!


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