What happens to MFAs

I stumbled on this depressing — though not entirely surprising — article about what happens to MFA graduates, from the Chronicle of Higher Education.


2 thoughts on “What happens to MFAs

  1. fantastic article. and like you i agree that is depressing though not surprising to read about the outcome of MFA grads.

    but to be honest–i never thought the MFA was any sort of job-track degree. in fact, i’ve been very surprised at how MFA programs market themselves as ways to get jobs. my MFA program not an exception at all to that rule, as we end up placing a lot of MFA grads in adjunct community college positions.

  2. I didn’t really see an MFA as a route to a job either…it was just something I wanted to do. But as I got further into it, I think I got a warped sense of the opportunities available to me. Now that I am out, all that feels very far away.

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