Step #1: Find manuscript.

So I probably got a little ahead of myself with my Down with wallowing! Time to find an agent! post. I have a tendency to get into the researching/planning aspect of things while avoiding the all-important “doing” phase. And there’s definitely some doing to be done.

Rather pathetically, step #1 in my finding an agent and all the possible goodness that might follow such a momentous event: Um, find my manuscript. When I finished my thesis I was so sick of working on it, looking at it, reading it, thinking about it….that I put the three most important versions into a pile and stashed them away. Since then I’ve begun redecorating my office, which means that everything that was in my office is now in the closet, in the guest bedroom, or randomly strewn about the hallway and the rest of the house. My desk is an island in a sea of tubs of wall joint compound, respirator face masks (we live in an old house, we fear lead paint), paint-splattered gloves, joint tape, spackle, paint cans, sandpaper and assorted paintbrushes. My desk and desk chair are in the middle of the room, surrounded by rumpled dropcloths. As work environments go, probably not ideal.

I began thinking about what I would need to embark on my quest ā€” in addition to my actual manuscript, of course ā€” and realized that all of my carefully stashed folders of information on book proposals and agents were also hidden away in the closet.

After a half hour of rooting around amongst the art supplies, reference books, mortgage paperwork, stuffed Totoros, and files upon files of workshopped writing from school, I found what I was looking for. My files on book proposals, the three most finalized versions of my manuscript, comments from the people who read it at the end, and my binder of submission information. Whew!

Next up: Revisions, revisions, revisions.


2 thoughts on “Step #1: Find manuscript.

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    So glad you dropped by my site! I’ve really enjoyed reading through your entries.. Good luck on the agent quest–my suggestion? Go with those who accept e-mail queries first–less printing paper and postage :) Good luck!

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