Revision: Divide and conquer.

I revised three chapters of my book tonight! Whoohoo!

What did it take to accomplish this dreaded task? Stepping away from the computer.

I picked up my stack of pages and retreated from my office, which, by the way, is still in a half-painted state of disarray, but which is the only place I can usually work, despite the mess, the ladder, the shop vac, the cans of paint and the drop cloths all over the place.

I relocated to the couch, and decided to begin at chapter 10. I have read the beginning far too many times, and so I began working at the end. It worked! I spent a couple of hours marking up pages with a red pen. I drew big red Xs through scenes that I now realize were unnecessary. I reordered the last chapter and the epilogue. I’m not saying it’s perfect, or that there aren’t more changes to make, but it’s something. It’s progress.


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